Indexing Dial Assembly Cells

Indexing Dial Assembly Cells2018-09-06T13:53:46+00:00

The indexing dial assembly cell is one of the most efficient types of assembly systems available today. In general, this type of assembly equipment may still require an operator to unload the finished product, load the new components and then start the cycle. However, when the components and finished assembly are relatively small, they can in many cases be feed into position via feeder bowls and pick and place units. This procedure then allows the whole assembly to run automatically, in which case the only operator intervention would be to ensure the Feeder bowls or Hoppers, were kept filled with components.

Also dependant on the operations and the size of the equipment required to carry them out, these operations may be achieved directly over the indexing dial. However if this is not possible, a simple pick and place device could be used to move the part off the dial and then returned after the operation has been completed.

Feed Rite has previous experience in manufacturing this type of Fully Automatic assembly system and we would be happy to explore your requirements with you.